Office Relocation Made Easy: How to Relocate Your Stuff in a Budget

Relocating Office is a war,

Planning and execution of relocation are not less than a war. Especially when it’s about the relocation of your office. Our head got full of stressful thoughts of packaging and shipping all the assets.

Moving your office is both stressful and exciting. But with proper planning and communication, it can be more exciting than stressful.

Today I am going to tell you each and every solution for your office relocation need.

Earlier I was also unaware of all the relocation services. I was also afraid of relocating my office. My first few moving experiences were awful. But after that, one of a friend gave me few tips that I have to keep in mind before relocating and trust me, that helped me a lot. I was much more prepared, made arrangements well in advance,  and things went evenly. Maybe you are also planning to shift your office but couldn’t, don’t worry just follow some instructions and later things will go smoothly.

Destroy The Fear of Relocating Stuffs Safely

Can you remember the last time you really wanted to relocate but didn’t? What stopped you and changed your mind? The fear of relocating stuff safely?

If it is the reason, just go through with the company’s services and ask them how they will plan to move your valuable stuff. Successful shifting of your office starts with a detailed moving plan. You can take help from professional movers and packers like easyhomerelocation to relocate your office.

You need to check if the packers and movers provide on-site assistance to fix all your office equipment or not. Good service providers always send a team of installers and technicians once the move is complete they will help your employees to unpack items, and make on the spot adjustments.

Office Relocation Safety

It is always good to plan your relocation. Prepare a checklist of items that you want to move. Try to put important files and records together and stationery items in a separate box. Safety of your valuable item is a very important task in relocation.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while packing your valuable items. Put the heavy items on the bottom of the box and light items on the top. Fill the gap in the boxes with the help of packing papers if any. Professional movers and packers sometimes won’t move boxes that they feel loosely packed just because of the fear of damage.

So, before booking a movers & packers service check out all the above-mentioned tips that they are following the same or not. There are many benefits that you can enjoy with giving your business a fresh start and but you need to be aware of them in order to take full advantage. Beware of the fraud companies that are using daily wages persons for packing and delivering your valuable stuff.

Cheap Office Relocation Services – Lowering Expenses

If you really wish to save your money and time, consider hiring professional packers & movers. Professional movers & packers are not only experienced in their tasks but bring an efficiency with them which can ultimately prove cost-effective. Always choose a professional company which has a good reputation like easyhomerelocation.

Avoid moving trash: It can happen when trash bags lying around and your friend or movers by mistake keep them with your belongings. Any moving companies would not mind collecting your trash because it increases the weight of your goods, which adds more money to your bill.

Get organized: Organize your stuff while packing. Try to make a checklist of the items you want to pack separately then tick the packed items this will help you a lot. Avoid packing small items with big ones.

Label your boxes: It’s always a good idea to categorize your boxes and note down what is in it. Coloured labels will also help to reduce grouping and unpacking efforts. The main point doesn’t  forget to number your boxes that will help you to find if one was lost or left behind.

General Advice & Tips For Office Relocation

Moving to a new office location? A poorly managed office relocation is the reason for your stress and headache.

From the physical move to the digital, these tips will help your business to avoid the most common risks.

Start the planning process early: Plan your relocation at least three months before. So you will get enough time to calculate what needs to be moved and what needs to be disposed. Advanced planning will help you and your employees to manage workflow appropriately and support a smooth transaction process.

Move the non-essentials first: Through deep analysis of all parts of your office divide office items between ‘essentials’ and ‘nonessentials’. Reduce downtime by moving non-essential items first to your new office. Carefully label all boxes to minimize unpacking difficulty. Equipment that’s necessary for day-to-day operations should stay in place until moving day.

Change your digital Address: Update your new office address to your vendors and clients, and also update your NAP information with Google. You can also use Google Map Maker to edit Google’s map. This will help your clients to find you easily.

Killing Fears & Misconceptions

After lots of research and study, you have decided that it is the perfect time for relocation. But still, you have some misconceptions and fears about the relocation of office.

Misconception 1. It’s easy to relocate office on your own: Office relocation is a sophisticated, multi-phase process which must be handled by experienced professionals. Otherwise, there may be chances of furniture damaged, employee’s injury, missed deadlines and excessive costs.

Misconception 2. It will take only a few hours to relocate the office: In actuality, office relocation can often take days. Businesses that mistakenly opt to shift themselves will always to take longer to move them professionally. For example, professional movers and packers like easyhomerelocation will only take 15mins. to uninstall office furniture while amateurs or employees will take 2 or more hours for this.

Misconception 3. Your employees can help you in relocating: Don’t think to involve your office employees in this plan if you want to avoid paying huge medical bills or facing a lawsuit. Yes, your employees can help you in packing personal items and office supplies. But they do not uninstall or move office furniture, boxes or anything else and there may be a chance that they damage any item or injured themselves.


No one ever said moving was fun or easy, but with sufficient advance planning, you can minimize logistical issues without client disruption. Office relocation is easy if you destroy the fear of relocating stuff safely and follow some general advice and tips for office relocation. To start the planning process early so that you will get the enough time to move your stuff in calculated time.

Always try to move your non-essential item first to reduce downtime. Update your digital address so that your clients find you easily. There are many misconceptions and fears about the relocation of the office in our above article we try to fix all your fears and misconceptions in the above article and make office relocation easy for you.

If you enjoyed these tips for office relocation, please share this worthy information with your family and friends via social media and if you have any questions & suggestions in your mind just feel free to comment below.


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